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Euphrosyne Kersnovskaya The truth is the light

Euphrosyne Kersnovskaya The truth is the light

Illustrated memories
of the forties and fifties
In two books

Eufrosinia Kersnovskaya (1907-1994) could avoid the ordeal that began
with links from Bessarabia to Siberia in 1941, but has chosen way of the cross. She followed the truth,
helping people and never considered herself a victim. Stay in the Gulag e is not imposed on it
print – it remained normal European .. After the camp and links Euphrosyne lived
Yessentuki, wrote memoirs and illustrate their own. Presented here
album version of this work – a unique manuscript book of the XX century.

The concept of publications, project management
Igor Chapkovsky, Nelly Podgorski
Drafting, text ligament between albums, notes, routes in this map
Galina Atmashkina
Introductory article
Nikita Alexeev
Vitali? Shentalinski?
Constantine Chubanov

ISBN 978-5-905494-04-8
ISBN 978-5-905494-11-6

M .: FE NO Podgorski,
2014. – 412 p. : PORTRAIT., Il.
1000 copies.